Find out how little it could cost you to learn how to be a good driver - Royal Windsor Driving School lesson Rates
Taking the torture out of learning to drive

One to one driving lessons using a dual controlled carSlough driving lessons tailored to suit your needs

Driving lessons using a dual controlled manual vehicle are on a one to one basis with a fully qualified ADI (Approved Driving Instructor), and can be arranged door to door from work or college, or to or from your home in and around Slough. Whatever your needs are, whether you are a complete beginner, having problems with manoeuvres, need an assessment prior to test or just want a few refresher lessons to get you going again, help is at hand. Nervous pupils are always welcomed and put at ease.

ADI Grade A qualified driving instructor in Slough
With Royal Windsor Driving School, learning to drive isn't difficult or complicated. As a Grade A driving instructor with a 70 percent first-time pass rate, I've helped many new drivers tear up their L plates – without the drama that often goes with driving lessons and taking your test.

I also specialise in teaching people who are finding it difficult to learn to drive. So whether you're nervous about getting behind the wheel for the first time, or you've had lessons before but feel you haven't made much progress, you've come to the right place.

Quickly become a safe, confident, skilled driver

With a very high pass rate far exceeding most Instructors you will have the best chance of getting through your test first time, saving you disappointment and money. The skills that you learn will teach you to be a good driver for life. A Driver’s Record Card will help you to track your progress throughout your lessons to test.